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Private Transfer / Sightseeing

We deal exclusively with private transfers & sightseeing. Our staff, drivers, escorts, tour guides are highly educated, experienced and definitely speak, besides English and other language requested by you.



Whether you are travelling alone and just passing through, having a holiday with the family or friends, or you are escaping on a romantic weekend away, you are sure to find the best accommodation with us to suit your holiday.




Our consultancy company committed to assist our clients to achieve their organizational effectiveness through innovative seminars, workshops, conferences and training and development of the human capital or the human resources more

IT Resources

All IT projects are undertaken as a partnership, working with the client to establish an understanding of the business needs and requirements and thereafter providing the best means to achieve them.




Syafa Training


Training & Development

Organizing Public Courses and Tailored/Customized courses to meet the training requirements for our clients, on site/off site.

Seminar, Conference & Workshop

  • * Providing trainers/facilitators at internal meetings/conferences for corporate clients.
  • * Organizing Seminar, Conference, Forum and Workshop for public and corporate sector.
  • * Providing speakers at promotional seminars/events for vendors.

Event Management

  • * Planning and presenting annual or special events on behalf of our clients.
  • * Organizing annual or special events to corporate sector
  • * Launching.
  • * Video Conferencing.
  • * Concert Coverage.

Industrial Relations & Consultancy Services

* Staffed by combination of associated & full time consultant * Consultants have been selected on the basis of experience and proven track record in their respective fields of expertise.


We are committed to operating at high standards to ensure our clients' satisfaction with the quality of our training programs. The courses will be designed to meet our clients' needs and objectives. We ensure you that distinguished consultants whom are well qualified, academically and professionally, conduct our programs.